To put it simply, working with RPX was amazing. They contacted me to help with a dance video, and I was honestly very nervous at first. I was hoping that I could give them what they needed to make their vision come to life. Robbie, the director, was very warm and friendly. They guided me through the entire process while making sure I was comfortable, calm, informed, and safe. The team had a very clear vision of what she wanted, how she wanted it, and even asked my opinion on some of the shots. 


The final product was absolutely incredible. Not only was I impressed with RPX's ability to create such a vivid story within 4 minutes, but it helped me see myself in a new light as well. 


I would, without a doubt, work with RPX again. They are absolutely incredible and I know anyone working with them in the future would have a positive, professional, and pleasant time. The team's talent is unmatched, and their passion is incredible. 

~Taylor Pemberton; Lunar K Dancer