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OUr Mission 

The acronym "RPX" holds a profound meaning rooted in the mandarin language that speaks to the driving force behind our company. "热情的拍戏“ or "reqing de pai xi" refers to filming with vigor, passion or enthusiasm. Hence, RPX Media Production was started with the goal of bringing people's vision and artistry to life through passionate filmmaking. We are dedicated to capturing and highlighting greatness through film, photography and graphic novels. We provide film services to creatives and businesses alike to help their branding stand out with grandeur and distinction while also producing our own content. Our goal is to inspire others to explore their creative vision by asking difficult questions and taking actionable steps that could result in the realization of masterful artistry.


We offer hands-on consultations to help clients enumerate and pinpoint what their creative vision is, provide streamlined communication that makes all stages of film/photography production seamless and employ exceptional social media packages to help ease the back-end stress of ensuring that your videos reach their intended audience. 

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